The success of Bedlam Ensemble is made possible by an extended family of key supporters.

Government support as well as private and corporate foundations make up a crucial slice of these resources


Individual Supporters

Patrick Metzger
Marcelo Gallegos
Suzanne Gold
Rosa Schneider
Keith Freeman
Donna Sims
Bonnie Dougherty
Cassandra Seale
Jamie Hardin
Kate Braun
Robert Walker
Paul Byhoff
Dan Nikci
Linn Duncan
Emma Deards
Dawn Brighid
Rebecca Rothschild
Dominique Then
Mike Byhoff
Tess (Theresa) Thompson
Audrey Sullivan
Maria Fernandez-Williams
Nicole Sophia De Vera Schmitz
Jerry Caggiano
Dog Owner
Kim Seale
Brad Seiler
Linda Blumkin
Christina Parke
Don Chin
Angela Fiorentino