Donate to Bedlam!

Donated funds will be used strictly for production costs that are normally paid out of pocket by Bedlam members (which usually makes us unable to eat for rehearsal period but it's totally worth it. The starving artist notion is not a cliche!!!) 

Examples of our costs include :

-Rehearsal space (weekly meetups, committee meeting  and rehearsing for shows 1-4 times a week)

-Various props

-Costumes and set

-As a non for profit, none of our actors get paid so we like to reward them for their hard work with refreshments whenever we can as a thank you for their time and dedication

-Script printing costs

-Theatre rental

-Hiring tech to make the best viewer experience possible

-Advertising and publicity

and a lot more!

Every $1 will help us out immensely.

If you cant donate financially, please consider donating your time to Bedlam Ensemble. We are always looking for people to help with publicity, Front of House, passing out fliers, sewing, painting set, etc.

If you have any special skills you feel can benefit us, please don't hesitate to get in contact. The idea of community theatre is involving the community that we live in.


We love you!



Thank you from the Bedlam 

of our hearts !



Fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas. All donations are Tax deductible.