by Stephanie Alvarez

directed by Michel Chahade & Graydon Gund

 Access Theatre Gallery

380 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York NY 10013


September 19 - 22 at 8pm

September 22 at 3pm

September 23 at 2 pm


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"I hope people can remember the history of what our country is based upon, and maybe have a more compassionate view toward people who are attempting this journey now." -Rebecca Cammisa, Director, "Which Way Home"

Border Sweet Border is an inside view of an immigration hearing showcasing the reality of the “waiting game” that five of 11.5 million undocumented go through. They will be taking us on their journey from different places, different turmoil, but always the same trial.

A journey is what makes us who we are. By presenting the narratives of these individuals we hope you understand why these 11.5 million people had to leave there and have to stay here. In this way, we hope to cut the metaphorical border between us and them, leading to a place where we can address the physical border. 


(in alphabetical order)


Stephanie Alvarez 

Elise Baker 
John E. Sims
Francisco DeJesus III 
Dennis Demitry 
Damien Gautier 
Catherine Leclair Nyabel Lual 
George C. Pafitis 
Jeremy Rafal
Shadrach A. Stanleigh 
Di Zhu


Written with testimonials by 

Stephanie Alvarez


Additional writing by 

Jillian D. Hopman, Esq


Directed by 

Michel Chahade & Graydon Gund


Graphic Design by 

Grace Kim


Produced by 

Stephanie Alvarez 

& Samantha Jane Williams


The Gallery, 

The Access Theater

380 Broadway @ White Street

4th Floor

New York, NY 10013



6, A, C, E, J, N, Q, R, Z 

to Canal St.


Elevator is available for special access on White St.


George Pafitis 

Jeremy Rafal  

Michael Belsole III  

Marcus Bender

Kerry Kassen

The Yes Men

Brittany Caruso 

Abby Bucuvalas 

Charles Baran 

Donna Sims

Theo Rigby

Lucia Cousins 

Roman Limonta Jr. 

Monica Alvarez

Jill Hopman

Michael Chahade 

Mathangi Subramaniar 

Lina Viviana Frazer 

Miguel Alverez

Warren Bub

Lala Ibrarra